2014 Year in Review

This year’s been pretty remarkable for me.  2014 saw an overall shift in my lifestyle, fitness and a general improvement in many other areas of my life that I have overlooked before. I have partied less, and given emphasis to investing my time on things that make sense, supportive to my future and people who matter to me the most. The reality has finally sunk in, that in order for me to legitimately bring sunshine to the lives of other people through service, I must take full responsibility of my life and exercise this responsibility through the consistency of my actions.

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5 Mistakes I Swear I Will Not Do In My Next Marathon

The weeks of training for my first marathon went down the drain after waking up on the race day severely ill-prepared, ultimately ruining my hopes to finish the race at an ideal target time.

Granted that the primary goal for my first marathon was only completion, I also somewhat hoped to finish it at around 4:30, as with my running buddy Jonathan (Captain Canada), whom I trained with. I crossed the finish line after running for 5:44:26 (net time) instead. Even if everyone suffered the same intensity of humidity and heat that day, it left me wondering how I would have performed if I was in a better, prepared shape.

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The Desire To Be Athletic

In my previous post, I shared about the first wall that is preventing me from becoming the person that I want to be. The first wall was the “Fitness Wall”.

Having successfully seen the result of my efforts to make a sharp u-turn to my fitness, I am now up to breaking the second of the four walls: the “Athletics Wall”. Athletics to my body is an uncharted territory, and the fact that my heart and mind both agree and all set to explore this area of life, I feel nothing but sheer excitement.

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Salomon X-Trail Run 2014 Review – And An Important Lesson

The Salomon X-Trail Run 2014 officially became the first trail run race I’ve ever participated – a good start as I can envision myself participating in many more trail runs in 2015, with a few being ultramarathon trail running events.

The trail running race that occurred this afternoon at Punggol, Singapore was only 10 kilometres – yeah right, sounds easy peasy – especially given that I’ve been consistently doing trail run training sessions at MacRitchie Reservoir every weekend in the past two months. On average, I would complete the 10 KM MacRitchie Reservoir trail for around an hour, not too bad especially that I usually and intentionally run there at midday, when the scorching tropical sun is overhead and the humidity is at its insane level. I have also been engaged into some serious training sessions recently for the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, where I signed up to run for a full marathon distance.

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The First of the Four Walls

You know, these days I no longer have the patience and tolerance to waste my time on things that do not make any sense. And the things that make sense are stuff that improve myself, the outlook of my life, or further the views that I stand for.

In this rather lengthy post, I am sharing you what would appear to be the first of the four walls that represents the limits that prevent me from becoming the person that I imagined to be.

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Training For My First Marathon

I am not really fond of running before, especially running long distance. Running a kilometre was an ordeal, especially when you are a carrying over a 76-kilogram body.

The last time I ran long distance was when I was dumped by someone dear to me. At that time, running offered a greater pain to an aching heart. It was like a drug. I would reach home (at that time, in an office) fully exhausted with no other option after having a cold shower than sleep, escaping moments of solitude where the heartache hurts the most.

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A Life of Adventure

Hi my old friends and new!

I knew way back in 2011 that living a life of adventure and seeing more of the world would be some of my life’s biggest challenge, if not the greatest, given my overall circumstances. I was working home-based for a Canadian-based hosting company making websites and doing remote technical and sales support. With comfortable life working in my bedroom, I felt increasingly insecure with the fact that my job didn’t allow me to see more of the world, while my age advances. I reached a tipping point and decided to find ways to leave my country.

Fast forward three years later, I am here now in Singapore. I am working for a multinational communications agency, serving some of the world’s most prominent brands.

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